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mscwfits -- write Mosaic data to a FITS tape


Mosaic data, in FITS format, as well as any other FITS format files are written to a FITS tape. If a FILENAME keyword is present it is updated to the name of the disk file for use in later restoring the data with mscrfits .


mscwfits input output newtape


List of FITS files to write to tape. This includes Mosaic multiextension FITS files as well as any other FITS format files.
The output IRAF tape specification. This may be a simple tape name, such as "mta", or include additional specifiers. A tape file number may be specified, e.g. mta[5] or mta[EOT], to position the tape otherwise the newtape parameter defines the starting position. Note that specifying any position other than the next tape file number (the number of files on the tape plus one) or EOT will cause data to be clobbered if the tape file position is less than the next file or behave in an unspecified way if it is greater than the next file. However, specifying the next tape file number is the most efficient way to skip to the end of tape to begin writing.
Is the tape a new or blank tape? If "yes" and no file position is specified in the output tape name the FITS files will be written starting at the beginning of the tape. If "no" and no file position is specified the task will skip to the end of the tape to write the files. Note that this parameter is queried for if not given on the command line regardless of whether it is needed or not.
shortlist = yes
List one line of information for each file written? This includes the input filename, the tape specification with position, the filename stored in the FITS file for later restoration (the same as the input filename with path and extensions removed), the value of the NEXTEND keyword if present, and the value of the OBJECT keyword if present.
longlist = yes
List the short listing information plus additional information about each FITS header? The information includes the extension index, extension type, extension name, BITPIX, and NAXIS values.


A list of input FITS files are copied to tape. The files are checked to make sure they appear to be FITS format (they must begin with a SIMPLE card) and then directly copied to the tape in FITS format blocking with a blocking factor of 10. The only change made to the file is that if a FILENAME or IRAFNAME keyword is found then the value of the keyword is set to the input file name with any directory and extension removed. Any FITS file can be written including multiextension files with any extension types.

The files are written to the tape file position given by the output tape specification if one is given. If only the tape name is given without a position specification then the files are either written to the beginning of the tape if newtape = yes or after the end of tape mark if newtape = no.

A listing of the operations may be selected. The listing information includes the input files and the tape position being written. A short listing provides one line per input file written while the long listing includes additional lines for each FITS header block. Keywords which will appear in the listing if found are NEXTEND and OBJECT in the first line and XTENSION, EXTNAME, EXTVER, BITPIX, and the NAXIS# in the long listing for each FITS header. Note that there is no attempt to check that NEXTEND matches the actual number of extensions.


1. Write a set of files, given by an @file, to a new tape with the default short listing.

    cl> mscwfits @data1 mta yes
    abc.fits  ->  mta[1]: abc     nextend=8 NGC ABC
    def.fits  ->  mta[EOT]: def   nextend=8 NGC DEF

2. Write a set of Mosaic files, given by a wildcard template, to the end of a tape with the long listing.

    cl> mscwfits @data1 mta no long+
    efg.fits  ->  mta[EOT]: efg   nextend=8 NGC EFG
       0 PRIMARY
       1   IMAGE im1  16 2044x4096
       2   IMAGE im2  16 2044x4096
       3   IMAGE im3  16 2044x4096
       4   IMAGE im4  16 2044x4096
       5   IMAGE im5  16 2044x4096
       6   IMAGE im6  16 2044x4096
       7   IMAGE im7  16 2044x4096
       8   IMAGE im8  16 2044x4096
    hij.fits  ->  mta[EOT]: hij   nextend=8 NGC HIJ

3. Given that you know a tape has 40 files on it and you want to append to the file and save the listing information to a file:

    cl> mscwfits @data2 mta[41] no >> fitslog


MSCWFITS - V2.external package
First release.



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