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msdel -- This script removes one (1) entire FITS imset from a FITS file.


msdel filename firstentry# output device DESCRIPTION The msdel task is for deleting entire imsets from a FITS file. When the task is run it removes a certain number of extensions starting with the SCI extension that is the first in all standard imsets. You will be shown a list of SCI extensions that are in the input file and You will be asked whether or not it is NICMOS or WFC3/IR data, for which there are five extensions in an imset. At this point it is assumed then that the task is dealing with STIS or ACS data, where only three extensions constitute an imset. With this information the task knows which extensions, though and including, your number entered, for the imset you want removed, from the left-most column of the list displayed on the window. h PARAMETERS

INPUT [string]
This is a string representing your input FITS file.
DELNUM [integer]
This is the starting FITS extension number of the imset you want to remove. This number is in the left-most column of the table from the FITS file you entered as input. This table is displayed on the screen when the task is run interactively. This the recommended mode of use.
OUTPUT [string]
This is a required parameter which may be the same name as the input file, but need not be.
NICMOS [bool]
This parameter controls the functioning of this task. Basically whether five FITS extensions are removed (for a yes it is a NICMOS or WFC3/IR FITS file) or three extensions are removed (for a no).


msdel is a very easy task to use. It is recommended that you run the task interactively so you take advantage of the list of imsets that is generated this way. If you run it on the command line and provide all the values for the required parameters (all of them), you will not get to see this listing unless you examined it previously with some other task.

fi> msdel

As long as the hidden parameter mode remains in a query state this will prompt you for evrything that is needed for a sucessful execution.

fi> msdel dataname.fits

This example is very similar to that above but the first required parameter INPUT has been supplied. The rest of the parameters will still be prompted for.

The rest of the parameters will still be prompted for.

SEE ALSO extdel, ecdel

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