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mssort -- Sort a FITS file to get all extensions of like version number together.


This task can ONLY be used with a FITS image; (ie. no tables) they will cause this task to crash!


mssort filename filename


The mssort task is for sorting individual FITS files. It is good for cleaning up any modified FITS files that no longer have extension version numbers in order. It is completely interactive and simple to use. It requires only an input and output and runs from there with no further interaction. While this task may make catfits output appear more pleasing it does nothing to the functionality of the FITS kernel format. (ie. INPUT.fits[sci,3] would still be the same data as OUTPUT.fits[sci,3]), regardless of any changes in the FITS extension number.


INPUT [string]
A string listing the input FITS file which you want to sort.
OUTPUT [string]
This is a string listing the filename you want for your output sorted FITS file. This file can be the same name as the input; but again you would lose all record of your input data in that case.


1. The mssort task is easy to use, and basically requires the input data (a FITS file) and an output filename.

ms> mssort IN=data.fits OUT=sort.fits

2. The task is designed to prompt you for all the information that it needs
so you can simply type

ms> mssort data.fits


ft> mssort

And answer the following prompts.  



This script was written by E. W. Wyckoff, SSG.


For assistance using this or any other tasks, please contact or call the help desk at 410-338-1082.


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