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mvrefer -- Move reference files between systems.


mvrefer list


This task moves reference files from one directory to another---usually with the destination directory being located on another computer system accessible across the network.

A directory tree is a directory (the root) with all the directories under it. The names of the directory trees are read from a file. The task parameter list contains the name of this file. When reference files are read from one computer to another, their binary format is changed from the native format of the first machine to that of the second. The kind of format change that takes place is specified by the task parameter direction. If the value of this parameter is "vs", the reference file format is changed from Vax to Sun, and if it is "sv", the format is changed from Sun to Vax.

Each line of the list file must contain four fields. These fields are the file type, the source directory, the destination directory, and the file name pattern. The file type should be either the letter `I' or `T' (upper case only), indicating whether the files are images or STSDAS tables. The source and destination fields contain the names of the root directories of the source and destination directory trees. The pattern field contains a file name pattern. Only file names matching this pattern in the source and destination trees will be checked for transfer. The list file can contain any number of lines, so any number of directory trees can be checked, or the same directory tree can be checked several times with different patterns.

In order to use this task, the tools package of STSDAS must be loaded, because this task uses the ddiff task.


list [file name]
The name of the list file. Each line of the list file contains four fields: the file type (I or T), the source directory, the destination directory, and the file name pattern. The fields are separated by white space (blanks or tabs).
(direction = "vs") [string]
The type of format conversion which is performed. The value "vs" means convert the reference files from Vax to Sun format. The value "sv" means convert the reference files from Sun to VAX format.
(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Print a line on the terminal (STDERR) as each reference file is copied? Setting this parameter to "no" will cause the file transfer to work silently.


1. Transfer the FOC reference files from the VAX science cluster to the Sun cluser tib, the following lines would be included in the list file, xref.dat:

I   crrefer$xref/   tib!/tib/data1/foc/images/   *.r?h
T   crrefer$xtab/   tib!/tib/data1/foc/tables/   *.c??

The command line would be:

st> mvrefer xref.dat dir="vs" verb+



ddif, vax2sun, sun2vax, tconvert

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