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polyeval stsdas.hst_calib.hsp



polyeval -- Calculate calibration corrections of tabulated HSP data.


polyeval intable outtable


This task calculates the following seven High Speed Photometer (HSP) calibration factors: (1) dark signal, (2) pre-amplifier noise, (3) high voltage factor, (4) cathode efficiency, (5) gain factor, (6) current to voltage converter (CVC) offset, and (7) dead time. The first six factors are 3rd-order polynomial functions of temperature and epoch. This task reads these polynomial coefficients from each of the calibration tables and evaluates the corrections according to the time and temperature at the observation. The last factor (dead time) is a function of detector ID, pulse discriminator threshold setting, detector temperature (linear dependency), and high voltage setting.

This task is similar to the pipeline reduction task calhsp. The difference is that calhsp does the calibration corrections on a HSP GEIS file while polyeval does the calibration on an STSDAS table.


intable [file name]
Name of the input table, which must contain the following columns:

'DETECTOB'      Object detector ID (int).
'APERTOBJ'      Object aperture name (char*10).
'VOLTAGE'       High voltage setting (real).
'VGAIND'        Gain setting (real).
'THRESH'        Discriminator threshold setting (real).
'DET_TEMP'      Detector temperature (real).
'DEA_TEMP'      DEA temperature (real).
'EPOCH'         Epoch (double).
'PTSRCFLG'      Point source flag (point or extended) (char*1).
outtable [file name]
Name of the output table produced by polyepoch. This table will contain everything that the input table contains, plus the calculated calibration corrections, e.g., dark signal and high voltage factor, which include the following columns:

'DARK_D'        Digital dark signal (real).
'DARK_A'        Analog dark signal (real).
'PREAMP_D'      Digital preamplifier noise (real).
'PREAMP_A'      Analog preamplifier noise (real).
'HVFACT_D'      Digital high voltage factor (real).
'HVFACT_A'      Analog high voltage factor (real).
'SENSITIV'      Relative sensitivity (real).
'GAINFACT'      Gain factor (real).
'CVCOFFST'      CVC offset (real).
'DEADTIME'      Dead time (real).
'DARK_D_ERR'    Error of digital dark signal (real).
'DARK_A_ERR'    Error of analog dark signal (real).
'PREAMP_D_ERR'  Error of digital preamplifier noise (real).
'PREAMP_A_ERR'  Error of analog preamplifier noise (real).
'HVFACT_D_ERR'  Error of digital high voltage factor (real).
'HVFACT_A_ERR'  Error of analog high voltage factor (real).
'SENSITIV_ERR'  Error of relative sensitivity (real).
'GAINFACT_ERR'  Error of gain factor (real).
'CVCOFFST_ERR'  Error of CVC offset (real).
'DEADTIME_ERR'  Error of dead time (real).
'APERAREA'	Aperture area (real).
(cal_tables = "") [string]
Pset name for calibration file parameters. Parameters can be individually changed from the command line or can be edited as a group using :e from eparam or from the cl, eparam cal_tables or simply cal_tables. Details about these parameters are available by typing "help cal_tables".


1. Calculate calibration corrections for the input data in a table called xpolyeval$input and put the results in an output table called ypolyeval$output.

hs> polyeval "xpolyeval$input" "ypolyeval$output"





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