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pp_dads -- Generate paper product for HST observations


pp_dads input device


The paper product of HST observations provides the user a quick look of data qualities and summaries. They are automatically generated at the end of the pipeline process and are distributed to the user. The task PP_DADS is the stand-alone version generating the same paper product.


input = "*" [string]
Input files. Wild cards can be used. Input files can include more than one instrument and/or more than one proposal. Besides the raw/calibrated data file(s), each observation must have the SHP file (for older instruments) or the SPT file (for new instruments) in order to be processed by this task.

Input files can be either GEIS (applicable to older instruments only, i. e. FOC, FOS, GHRS, and WFPC2) or FITS format. You can even have both formats but for the same root name, there should be only one format for all the files.

device = "stdplot" [string]
Name of the output graphics device. It can be a printer (e.g. lp1), a PostScript file (e.g. psi_land), or the terminal (e.g. stdgraph). Since the default orientation is landscape, the use of psi_port is not recommended.

If the output is a PostScript file, it is generated in the /tmp directory, and will have a name (or names if the output is large, and are broken into several files) like psk1234a.

(output_select) = "all" [string]
Select which parts of the paper product to be in the output. Allowed values are: "cover" for cover page (and explanatory page if any), "visit" for the visit summary pages, "obs" for the data pages, or "all" for all of above. You can specify more than one choice, e.g. "cover,visit".
(print_dir) = no [bool]
Print the data directory name at the lower left corner on the cover page. This is useful for the STScI Archive to identify the paper product with the corresponding data tapes.
(verbose) = no [bool]
Print out detailed processing information. This is useful for debugging if something goes wrong. If set to yes, several temporary files will be left in the /tmp directory. They all have file names started with PP.


1. process all the STIS files in the local directory and produce the output as a PostScript file.

pa> pp_dads o* psi_land


W. B. Sparks "HST Paper Products" (STScI memo, December 12, 1995)



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