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pradprof plot



pradprof -- plot or list the radial profile of a stellar object


pradprof input xinit yinit


The list of images containing the object of interest.
xinit, yinit
The initial guess for the x and y coordinates of the object whose profile is to be computed. If center is yes, xinit and yinit are the initial input to the centering algorithm, otherwise xinit and yinit are passed directly to the radial profiling algorithm.
radius = 11
The plotting radius in pixels.
az= 0., az2 = 360.
Azimuth limits for the profile points in degrees. The azimuth is measured from the x or first image axis towards the y or second image axis. Negative azimuths are allowed as are any multiples of 360.
center = yes
Center the initial coordinates before computing the profile?
cboxsize = 5
The size of the extraction box of pixels to be used by the centering algorithm.
list = no
Make a list of the radial profile, instead of a plot?
graphics = "stdgraph"
The graphics device for plotting.
append = no
Append to an existing plot?
title = "imtitle"
The plot title. If title = "imtitle", the image name, xinit , and yinit are used to construct a default title, otherwise the user specified title is used.
xlabel = "Radius", ylabel = "Intensity"
The default labels for the X and Y axes.
wx= INDEF, wx2 = INDEF, wy1 = INDEF, wy2 = INDEF
The range of user coordinates spanned by the plot. By default the data is used to determine the range.
logx = no, logy = yes
Use log scaling on the x or y axes of the plot?
round = no
Round the axes minimum and maximum values up to "nice" values?
box = yes
Draw axes at the perimeter of the plotting window?
majrx = 5, minrx = 5, majry = 5, minry = 5
Number of major tick marks on each axis and number of minor tick marks between major tick marks. These quantities are ignored if log scaling is in effect for an axis.
ticklabels = yes
Label the tick marks?
fill = yes
Fill the output viewport regardless of the device aspect ratio ?
vx= 0.0, vx2 = 1.0, vy1 = 0.0, vy2 = 1.0
The NDC coordinates (0.0:1.0) of the device plotting viewport.
pointmode = yes
Plot points instead of lines?
marker = "plus"
Type of marker used in pointmode.
szmarker = 1.
Size of markers used in pointmode.


PRADPROF computes a radial profile of length radius pixels with a range of azimuths (az1 to az2 ), for the object near (xinit , yinit ) in the input image(s) input , and plots it on the graphics device graphics . If the parameter center is "yes", then pixels in a box cboxwidth wide around the initial coordinates and a simple centroiding algorithm are used to compute a more accurate center, before the radial profile is computed.

The azimuths are measured from the first image axis towards the second image axis. The limits may be given in any multiple of 360 degrees including negative azimuths.

If the parameter append is yes then the new plot will be appended to an existing plot, otherwise the device is cleared and a new plot is made. The remainder of the parameters control the details of how the plot is displayed. If the parameter list is "yes" the radial profile is listed on the standard output instead of plotted.


1. Plot the radial profile of a star near (123, 234).

cl> pradprof m92red 123 234

2. Plot the profile around (123, 234) with centering turned off.

cl> pradprof m92red 123 234 center=no

3. List the radial profile and redirect it to a file.

cl> pradprof m92red 123 234 list=yes > profile



proto.imcntr, imexamine

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