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prow plot



prow -- plot an image row


prow image row


Input image containing the row to be plotted.
The row to be plotted.
wcs = "logical"
The world coordinate system (wcs ) to be used for axis labeling when input is f rom images. The following standard world systems are predefined.
Logical coordinates are image pixel coordinates relative to the image currently being displayed.
The physical coordinate system is invariant with respect to linear transformations of the physical image matrix. For example, if the reference image was created by extracting a section of another image, the physical coordinates of an object in the reference image will be the pixel coordinates of the same object in the original image. The physical coordinate system thus provides a consistent coordinate system (a given object always has the same coordinates) for all images, regardless of whether any user world coordinate systems have been defined.
The "world" coordinate system is the current default WCS . The default world system is the system named by the environment variable defwcs if defined in the user environment and present in the reference image WCS description, else it is the first user WCS defined for the image (if any), else physical coordinates are returned.
wx1=0., wx2=0., wy1=0., wy2=0.
The range of window (user) coordinates to be included in the plot. If the range of values in x or y = 0, the plot is automatically scaled from the minimum to maximum data values along the degenerate direction.
vx1=0., vx2=0., vy1=0., vy2=0.
NDC coordinates (0-1) of the device plotting viewport. If not set by the user, a suitable viewport which allows sufficient room for all labels is used.
pointmode = no
Plot individual points instead of a continuous line?
If pointmode = yes, the marker drawn at each point is set with this parameter. Acceptable choices are "point", "box", "plus", "cross" and "circle".
szmarker = 0.005
The size of the marker drawn when pointmode = yes.
logx = no, logy = no
Draw the x or y axis in log units, versus linear?
xlabel = "wcslabel", ylabel = ""
Label for the X-axis or Y-axis. if xlabel = "wcslabel" the world coordinate system label in the image, if defined, is used.
xformat = "wcsformat"
The numerical format for the coordinate labels. The values may be "" (an empty string), %f for decimal format, %h and %H for xx:xx:xx format, and %m and %M for xx:xx.x format. The upper case %H and %M convert degrees to hours. Some images have a recommended x coordinate format defined as a WCS attribute. If the xformat value is "wcsformat" the WCS attribute format will be used. Any other value will override the image attribute.
title = "imtitle"
Title for plot. If not changed from the default, the title string from the image header, appended with the row being plotted, is used.
majrx=5, minrx=5, majry=5, minry=5
The number of major and minor divisions along the x or y axis.
round = no
Round axes up to nice values?
fill = yes
Fill plotting viewport regardless of device aspect ratio?
append = no
Append to an existing plot?
Output device.


Plot a specified row from an image. The user can control the plot size and placement, the scaling and labeling of axes. Rows can be plotted as a continuous line or individual points with a specified marker.

If append is enabled, previous values for box , fill , round , the plotting viewport (vx1 , vx2 , vy1 , vy2 ), and the plotting window (wx1 , wx2 , wy1 , wy2 ) are used.

If the plotting viewport was not set by the user, prow automatically sets a viewport centered on the device. The default value of fill = yes means the plot spans equal amounts of NDC space in x and y. Setting the value of fill to "no" means the viewport will be adjusted so that the square plot will span equal physical lengths in x and y when plotted. That is, when fill = no , a unity aspect ratio is enforced, and plots appear square regardless of the device aspect ratio. On devices with non square full device viewports (e.g., the vt640), a plot drawn by prow appears extended in the x direction unless fill = no.


1. Plot row 128 of image crab.5009 with default parameters:

cl> prow crab.5009 128

2. Overplot row 128 of using crosses to mark the added points:

cl> prow 128 append+ pointmode+ marker=cross

3. Annotate the axes of a row plot:

cl> prow crab.5009 64 xlabel="Column Number" ylabel=Intensity


prow takes about 1 cp second to plot a row of a 512 square image.



prows, pcol, pcols

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