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psfpars -- Set the PSF parameters for the wiener task.




This pset is used to set the values for the Point Spread Function (PSF) when using the wiener task.

The PSF can be input from either a separate file, or from the input image to be deconvolved. In either case, the PSF need not be centered in the field. You may specify the center coordinates px0 and py0 of the PSF in the PSF image section, or, leaving either one, or both, as INDEF, instructing the task to find them automatically. In this case, the pixel with maximum intensity in the PSF image section will be taken as the PSF center. A circular mask with low leakage can be used to isolate a suitable star in a crowded field. The radius is specified by task parameter mask (in pixels), and must be wide enough to not affect the point source image, but narrow enough to eliminate field stars. The PSF must be background-subtracted before using it with this task. When extracting the PSF directly from the input image, this image must have the background already subtracted.


(nlpsf = yes) [boolean]
Is the PSF noiseless? If the PSF is taken from an observed image, this parameter must be set to "no", in which case, a "prunning" filter will be used in processing the PSF image. If the PSF is synthetic and without noise, this parameter must be set to "yes".
(px0, py= INDEF) [real, min=1.]
Center coordinates, in pixels, of PSF in psf image section. If either one, or both, are left as INDEF, the task will locate the maximum pixel value in the PSF image section, and use its coordinates instead.
(mask = INDEF) [real, min=1.]
PSF masking radius, in pixels. If INDEF, no masking is performed.




Type "help wiener" and "help wiener opt=sys" for more information about the wiener task.

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