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pspc_hrcolor xray.xplot



pspc_hrcolor - compute an image which reflects the xray color of a PSPC observation.


pspc_hrcolor qpoe block region_str out_file


This task will use three PI bands to calculate an approximate PSPC xray color image.

This shortcut algorithm for calculating the x-ray color images was provided by Carlo Izzo. It separates the qpoe file into three pi bands, uses imsmooth to smooth each of these files with a 12 arcsec gaussian, and then scales these to reflect the color in a full image.

Three temporary files of the size of the final image will be created; therefore the output directory must have enough space for these.


qpoe = "" PSPC qpoe filename

The qpoe filename for the PSPC observation.

block = desired block factor

The blocking factor at which you wish you image to be made.

region_str = "" desired image subsection, e.g. [842:1353,842:1353]

The region subsection of the blocked qpoe file that should be used for the color image. The subsection coordinates must be relative to those of the blocked qpoe file, and the square brackets ([]) are required.

out_file = "" output image filename

The name of the output image file.

(red = "11:40") red pi channels

The range of PI values from the input QPOE file to use for red image (allowed syntax explained in help filter

(green = "41:100") green pi channels

The range of PI values from the input QPOE file to use for green image (allowed syntax explained in help filter

(blue = "101:240") blue pi channels

The range of PI values from the input QPOE file to use for blue image (allowed syntax explained in help filter

(clobber = no) OK to overwrite existing output file?

Will only overwrite existing output image file if this is set to yes.

(display = ) Display level

Display level for information. If it is zero there will be not printout, if it one there will be information on what the script is doing, and five will print out the lines for imcalc.


The task pspc_hrcolor extracts three images from the qpoe file. The images correspond to PI channels 11 to 40, 41 to 100, and 101 to 240. Each of these images is then smoothed with a 12 arcsec gaussian. Then the first image is scaled from 0 to 6, the second from 0 to 36, and the third from 0 to 216. These images are then added together, resulting in an image that can run from 0 to 258. This image is an approximation of the color of the PSPC x-ray image, with low values as soft (red on the color map created by the task) and high values (violet on the color map) as hard.


The following example will make a xray color image of the qpoe file xdata$rp110590.qp at block 7.

pspc_hrcolor xdata$rp110590.qp 7 "[842:1353,842:1353]" color.imh


Execution time is dependent upon the size of the size of the output image; this task runs imsmooth three times on files of that size. A 512x512 image takes about five minutes.


The syntax to select the PI channels for each component of the color map is described in help filter .

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