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putcal -- Place parameters values from a calibration pset into the specified data files.


putcal output keywords


`putcal' is a utility task used by the `chcalpar' task, although the task can also be used directly by users. (Type "help chcalpar" for more information.)

putcal takes the values stored in the specified calibration pset (the ckwxxx psets) and modifies the appropriate header keywords in the specified output files. Those parameters that are blank mean that the header keywords of the output files will not be modified.


output [file name]
List of data files to apply the values in the calibration pset, specified by the parameter keywords. Note that the instrument used to acquire the data in the specified data files must match the instrument represented by the specified calibration pset.
keywords [pset]
Name of the instrument-specific pset that contains the calibration parameters to modify in the specified output data. Note that the instrument used to acquire the data in the specified data files must match the instrument represented by the specified calibration pset. Besides the standard instrument calibration psets, the user may specified a user-defined pset. See the help file for chcalpar for more information.
(add = yes) [boolean]
Add keywords if they are not present in the header? If "yes" add modified keywords to the headers of the images if the keywords are not already present. If "no", generate an error message.
(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Display names of modified files as task progresses?


1. Retrieve the calibration parameters from the GHRS image z06i5601m.d0h. Examine the "keywords" parameter of `getcal' to see the name of the pset. Edit the pset with `modcal', and then apply the modifications to all "*.d0h" files using putcal. NOTE: All the steps in this example could be handled by the single task `chcalpar'.

        cl> getcal z06i5601m.d0h
        cl> lpar getcal
                input = "z06i5601m.d0h" Input science data header file name
            (keywords = "ckwhrs")       Pset for calibration parameters
             (Version = "9Nov92")       Date of Installation
                (mode = "ql")           
        cl> modcal ckwhrs

`eparam' then appears with the calibration parameters and their values. Modify the parameters PHCFILE to zref$abc0123dz.r1h and PHC_CORR to PERFORM. Exit `eparam' as you would normally (usually by pressing Control-Z or `:q'). `eparam' then reappears with all the parameters blanked out except PHCFILE and PHC_CORR. Confirm that these were set correctly; you can make additional changes now if you want, and exit eparam again. Then you will be presented with the following prompt:

        Accept the current parameters? (|no|yes|abort) (yes): yes

If you answered "yes", then the `ckwhrs' pset will be modified. If you answered "no", the editing process will start over with the original set of calibration values. If you answered "abort", then the process is aborted. For this example, the answer will be "yes".

        cl> putcal *.d0h ckwhrs

2. It is also possible to modify the instrument pset directly, and then use `putcal' to implement those changes on a list of files. Note that you must first unlearn the previous instrument pset values to avoid unintentionally changing keyword values. You will also not see what the previous parameter settings were before modifying them, but sometimes that is not important. To set the WF/PC calibration keyword DOHISTOS to "NO" and PHOTTAB to "" in the files w0bs8101t.d0h, w0bs8102t.d0h, and w0bs8103t.d0h, using the first file as a template:

        cl> unlearn ckwwfpc
        cl> epar ckwwfpc

eparam then appears. Modify the parameters DOHISTOS to "no" and PHOTTAB to "". Exit `eparam' as you would normally (e.g., Cntrl-Z or `:q'). Then type:

        cl> putcal w0bs810*.d0h ckwwfpc verb+

The output will be:

        putcal: Modifying w0bs8101t.d0h
        putcal: Modifying w0bs8102t.d0h
        putcal: Modifying w0bs8103t.d0h


chcalpar, eparam, getcal, lparam, modcal, parameters, unlearn, ckwxxx

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