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quadsplit noao.imred.quadred



quadsplit -- Split quadformat data into single amplifer images


quadsplit input


Image name of quadformat image to be split. This task does not allow a list of input names.
output = ""
Output root name to which the AMPLIST amplifier identifiers will be appended to form the split images. If no output name is given then the input name is used as the root name.
clobber = yes
Clobber any existing images?


Images in "quadformat" (see help topic quadformat ) are separated into images containing data from only one amplifier. The output images have a common root name and then an extension given by the amplifier labels in the AMPLIST keyword. The output root name may be specified or default to the input name.

In addition to producing the individual images keywords, are added that are understood by the standard ccdproc task for single amplifier CCD reductions.

The task quadjoin may be used to rejoin images that were split by this task.


1. To spit an image:

    qu> quadsplit quad0072
    qu> dir quad0072*
    quad0072.11.imh     quad0072.21.imh     quad0072.imh        
    quad0072.12.imh     quad0072.22.imh     


quadformat, quadjoin

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