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r49fits -- A fits reader for obsolete versions of iraf


r49fits input file_list output


This task is a fits reader designed to work around a bug in old versions of iraf. Old versions of iraf placed an upper limit of 46 group parameters in stf images. Attempts to process images with more than 46 group parameters leads to a corrupted image. This bug was discovered when wfpc2 images were first introduced, since wfpc2 images have 49 group parameters. We diagnosed the problem and gave the fix to the iraf group at noao, but since we have no control over what versions of iraf people use at other sites, we needed to introduce a temporary work around. The fits reader was modified to produce this task. It deletes three relatively unimportant group parameters from wfpc2 images, producing an image with 45 group parameters, which evades the bug in the stf kernel.

Since the fix to the stf was made early in 1994, if you are running a recent version of iraf you have no reason to use this task. Even if you are running an older version of iraf, you only need to use this task on wfpc2 images and I strongly advise you to get the most recent version of iraf from noao.

In operation, this task is identical to strfits except that several group parameters are deleted (MEANC25, MEANC100, and MEANC300). The task parameters and their meanings are identical.


See strfits


See strfits



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