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rapidlook -- Display all groups of a multigroup rapid-readout image.


rapidlook input output display


The rapidlook task is actually a script that creates and displays a 2-dimensional image by stacking the individual groups from a 1-dimensional multigroup image. This task is useful for looking at rapid-readout observations, which can be expected to have a large number of groups. The task will, of course, work with any multigroup file. The surface plot characteristics can be changed by altering parameters in the task, surface; tv display characteristics can be changed by editing the display task parameter list.


input [file name]
Input multigroup image name.
output [file name]
Output 2-dimensional image name. If a name is given, the resultant image will be saved under that name. If no name is given, i.e., "", a temporary image will be created and then deleted at the end of the task.
display [string, allowed values: tv | plot]
Display mode to be used for viewing the 2-dimensional image. The choices are the surface plot task in the plot package or the display task in the tv package.


1. This example will stack the groups of z00xh903r.d0h into a 2-dimensional image, store it in the image dummy.hhh and display it as an image using the display task.

  ct> rapidlook z00xh903r.d0h dummy.hhh tv

2. This example will stack the groups of z00xh903r.d0h into a temporary 2-dimensional image and display a surface plot. The 2-dimensional image will not be saved.

  ct> rapidlook z00xh903r.d0h "" plot



grlist, stack, surface, display

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