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rbinary stsdas.toolbox.imgtools



rbinary -- Create an image from a binary file.


rbinary input output naxis dimen[7] datatype offset


This task creates an image from the contents of a binary file. The input file may be four-byte real, four-byte integer, or two-byte integer; the output image will have the same data type as the input image. The user may specify a number of bytes (an even number) that is to be skipped at the beginning of the file before reading the data.

We suggest that you either use the eparam task to fill in parameter values or let the cl prompt you. The problem is that the dimen parameter is an array, and it's rather clumsy to give array values on the command line. It can be done, though. See the examples.


input [file name]
The input binary file, including extension.
output [file name]
The name of the output image to be created.
naxis = [integer, min=1, max=7]
The number of axes.
dimen[7] = [1,1,1,1,1,1,1] [integer array, min=1, max=INDEF]
The length of each axis.
datatype = "real" [string, allowed values: real | integer | short]
Type of data in the input file. The data types currently supported are single-precision real (4-byte), integer (4-byte), and short integer (2-byte).
offset = [integer, min=0, max=INDEF]
The number of bytes to be skipped at the beginning of the input file. The value passed to offset must be divisible by two.


1. Suppose you have an STSDAS table containing a single column of real data starting 112 bytes after the beginning of the file. You can convert the table to an image using naxis = 1, setting dimen to the number of rows, and setting offset = 112.

	to> rbinary spec.imh 1

2. Suppose "f.dat" contains single-precision floating-point data in a 45 x 80 pixel array. You can create an image "f.hhh" from that file with the following command. Note how we're giving the values of the array parameter dimen. It does appear to be necessary to use compute mode rather than command mode in order to give the dimensions on the command line.

  to> rbinary "f.dat" "f.hhh" 2 dimen[1]=45 dimen[2]=80 \
  >>>   datatype="real" offset=0


None known.


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