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readvt noao.imred.vtel



readvt -- Read vacuum telescope full disk grams


readvt input_fd files output_image


File or device template, e.g. "mta1600[1]" or "mtb800" or "junk" or "s*"
List of tape file numbers or ranges delimited by commas, e.g. "1-3,5-8". `Files' is requested only if no file number is given in `input'. Files will be read in ascending order, regardless of the order of the list. Reading will terminate if EOT is reached, thus a list such as "1-999" may be used to read all the files on the tape.
output_image template
Name to give output image. If the input file template is not a magtape specification then this can be an IRAF filename template to be expanded into a list of files. If the number of files in the input template and in the output template do not match and if the output template expands to one filename then that filename is used as a root name to which filenumbers are appended for each input file. i.e. "junk" becomes "junk001", "junk002", etc. If the input template is a magtape without a filenumber attached, i.e. "mta", the output name is used as a root name and the file number is appended for each file read.
verbose = no
Flag to signal program that it should produce verbose output. This includes header information and progress reports.
headeronly = no
Flag to signal the program that it should only print out header information and quit without reading the data. The verbose flag must be set to yes to use this flag since otherwise the header information will not be printed. This flag is used to look at headers on the tape to check dates, times and observation types.
robust = no
Flag to signal program that it should ignore a wrong observation type in the image header.


Readvt reads any one of the grams on a vacuum telescope tape and puts the data into an IRAF image. The IRAF image is 2048x2048 short integers.


1. To read the second image from mta at 1600 bpi, store the image into "image1" and see verbose output the command would be:

	vt> readvt mta1600[2] image1 v+

2. To look at the header information of the 4th file on a tape which is on mtb and which was written at 1600 bpi, the command would be:

	vt> readvt mtb1600[4] v+ h+

3. To read the disk files "s001", "s002", "s003", "s004" and put the output images into the files "s001i", "s002i", "s003i", "s004i" without verbose output (assuming no other file in the directory starts with "s") the command would be:

	vt> readvt s* s*//i

4. To read the first five files on mta and put the output images into files images with root name HHH the command would be:

	vt> readvt mta 1-5 HHH



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