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references -- find all help database references to a given topic


references topic


The topic for which help is desired, i.e., a keyword, phrase, or pattern which the help database or quick-reference file is to be searched for.
quickref = "uparm$quick.ref"
The name of the optional quick-reference file.
updquick = no
Create or update the quick-reference file, e.g., because new packages have been added to the global help database. Updating the quick-reference file automatically enables usequick , discussed below.
usequick = no
Use the quick-reference file. By default, a runtime search of all the package menus in the full help database is performed, which ensures that all packages are searched, but which is comparatively slow.


The references task is used to search the help database for all tasks or other help modules pertaining to the given topic, where topic may be a keyword, phrase, or any general pattern as would be input to the match task. By default the full help database will be searched. If desired, the "one-liner" information used for topic searching may be extracted and used to prepare a quick-reference file to speed further searches. This is not done by default because the help database is too dynamic, e.g., new external packages may be installed at any time, by any user, or new tasks may be added to existing packages at any time.

References to tasks (or other objects) are printed in the form

       keyword1 - one line description
       keyword2 - one line description

and so on. To determine the package pathname of each named task, get help on the named keyword and the pathname will be seen at the top of the help screen, followed by additional information about the referenced object. If there are multiple objects with the same name, a "help <keyword> all+ " may be required to locate a particular one.


1. Find all help on CCDs.

cl> ref ccd

2. Create or update your private quick-reference file.

cl> ref upd+

3. Examine the quick-reference file to get a summary of all the tasks or other help modules in the help database.

cl> page (ref.quickref)


If a quick-reference file is used seaching takes seconds, otherwise it might take a minute or so for the typical large help database containing all help modules for the core system and several external, layered packages.


Only the one-liner (NAME) field describing each help module is used for the searches. With a litle work searching could be made much more comprehensive as well as faster.


help, match

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