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rfixx -- Fix holes in a reseau file.


rfixx input1 entry input2 input3 refentry output


This task will fix holes (INDEF values) in reseau entries using a distortion fit produced by the rfitx task. Bad values are replaced by the results of the fit. Good positions (i.e., those that were not holes) are copied unchanged to the output.


input[file name]
Reseau table with holes that need to be fixed.
entry = "*" [string]
Template describing which entries are to be fixed. If no entry in input1 matches the template, an error message will be printed, and the output table will not be created.
input[file name]
The transform file generated by rfitx. This is a text database file containing the coefficients of fit between the reference grid (input3) and the distorted grid (input1). When processing an entry in the input table input1, if the name of that entry matches an entry name in the database file input2, then that entry will be used; if no name in input2 matches the entry, then the last entry in input2 will be used.
input[file name]
The original reference reseau table that was used to generate the input2 transform file. In order to fill in an INDEF value, the fit is evaluated using the position given in this reseau table.
refentry [string]
The name of the entry in the reference reseau table input3.
output [file name]
File name for the reseau table created by rfixx.


1. Fix holes in all entries in "" using the fit file "". INDEF values are filled in by evaluating the fit at positions in the entry "respos" in "", and the output is written to "".

	fo> rfixx * respos



This task was written by David Giaretta.



Type "help focgeom option=sys" for a higher-level description of the focgeom package.

Type "help reseau" for a description of reseau tables.

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