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ridsmtn -- convert mountain format IDS data to IRAF images


ridsmtn ids_file iraf_file


The IDS data source.
The IRAF file which will receive the data if the make_image parameter is set. If multiple records are being read, the output filename is concatenated from this parameter and the IDS record number. IRAF images with these names would be created from IDS records 1, 2 and 3 if iraf_file = "ids" (and offset = 0; see below): ids.0001, ids.0002, ids.0003.
file_number = 1
If ids_file is a tape device, this parameter tells which tape file will be read. In almost all cases, the IDS data will occupy the first and only file on the tape.
record_numbers = "1-9999"
A string listing the IDS records to be read.
reduced_data = yes
A boolean parameter which indicates the data is mountain reduced if set to yes, and that the data is raw (unreduced) if set to no.
np= 0
The starting pixel to extract in the image. If set to 0, the record header parameter NP1 will be used to determine the starting pixel. This and the following parameter are in effect only when reduced_data is set to no. If reduced_data=yes, then the entire spectrum (1024 points) is copied.
np= 0
The ending pixel to extract. If set to 0, the record header parameter NP2 will be used to determine the starting pixel.
make_image = yes
This switch determines whether the IDS records are converted to IRAF images. When make_image = no, only a listing of the headers is produced, no output image is written.
print_pixels = no
When this parameter is set to yes, the values of the ids pixels are printed.
long_header = no
This parameter determines whether a long or short header is printed. The short header contains only the record number and ID string; the long header contains all information available including the RA, Dec, HA, ST, UT, reduction flags, airmass, integration time, starting wavelength and wavelength per channel information.
data_type = "r"
The data type of the output IRAF image. If an incorrect data_type or null string is entered, the default data type real is used.
offset = 0
The integer value of this parameter is added to each IDS record number when generating output filenames. Filenames are of the form

The offset parameter can be used to create a sequence of output IRAF filenames with continuous, sequential suffixes over more than one night's data.


The IDS records from either a raw or reduced IDS mountain tape are read and optionally converted to a sequence of one dimensional IRAF images. The records to be read can be specified. The IDS header information is printed in either a short or long form. The pixel values can be listed as well.

The entire image may be extracted (default for reduced data) by specifying the parameters np1=1 and np2=1024 (IIDS and IRS). Otherwise, the header parameters NP1 and NP2 will be used to indicate the useful portion of the spectrum. For raw data these values are 6 and 1024 for the IIDS and 68 and 888 for the IRS (your IRS values may vary).

On the mountain, the NEW-TAPE command writes a dummy record on tape with a record number equal to the starting record number minus 1. If this dummy record number is included in the record_numbers range, a meaningless IRAF image will be written. In most cases, the dummy record number = 0.


[1] Convert all records on the IDS tape to IRAF images, with the root image name being "aug83". The data is mountain reduced, and all records will be converted. The IDS tape is mounted on mtb.

cl> ridsmtn mtb aug83

[2] List the headers from the same mountain tape read in example 1 but don't make output images. A long_header will be listed; sample output is shown.

cl> ridsmtn mtb make_image=no long_header=yes

RECORD = 79, label = "NGC 7662 7.4E 10S AUG 23/24 84 CLOUDS",
oflag = OBJECT, beam_number = 0,  W0 = 4588.503,  WPC = 2.598, ITM = 120,
NP1 = 0, NP2 = 1024,  UT = 7:37:04.0,  ST = 22:21:46.0,  HA = -1:03:25.7,
RA = 23:25:12.6,   DEC = 42:26:37.0,   DRA = 7.4,   DDEC = -10.,
df =-1, sm =-1, qf =-1, dc = 0, qd = 0, ex =-1, bs = -1, ca = -1, co = 0

RECORD = 238, label = "HENEAR AUG 23/24 84 END 8.4" ENT",
oflag = SKY,  beam_number = 1,  W0 = 4585.501,  WPC = 2.602, ITM = 400,
NP1 = 8, NP2 = 1019,  UT = 12:31:01.0,  ST = 3:16:33.0,  HA = 0:17:16.3,
RA = 2:59:16.7,   DEC = 31:57:30.0
df = 6, sm = -1, qf = -1, dc = -1, qd =-1, ex =-1, bs =-1, ca =-1, co = -1,
df[1] =  5889.2139, df[2] =  1355.6821, df[3] =  23.1303, df[4] = -2.85366, 
df[5] =  3.0472932, df[6] =  -4.541831

[3] Print the pixel values for records 5086 and 5087. No output image will be written, and only the short header listed. This time, the IDS tape contains raw data, not reduced.

	cl> ridsmtn mtb red- make_im- rec=5086,5087 print_pix-


ridsout, ridsfile

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