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rosprf - compute an image of the ROSAT PSPC or HRI point response function (PRF or PSF).


for HRI: rosprf x_dim y_dim center "HRI" out_file for PSPC: rosprf x_dim y_dim center "PSPC" out_file energy


This task creates an image that models the on-axis point response function (PRF aka PSF) of the ROSAT HRI or PSPC. It runs immodel with appropriate analytic functions to create the image file.

Details about the analytic functions used can be found via help prfrospspc and help prfroshri .

The images produce can be used in spatial analysis as the input model to immodel or imsmooth, or as the PRF in deconvolution routines.


x_dim = prompt = image x dimension

The length of the x dimension of the output image file.

y_dim = prompt = image y dimension

The length of the y dimension of the output image file.

center = "256" prompt = center of PRF

Position in the image where the PRF should be centered.

instrument = "" prompt = instrument (PSPC|pspc|HRI|hri)

This parameter determines which instrument PRF to use to create the image.

out_file = "" prompt = output image filename

The name of the output file. The output file is a standard IRAF image file with real*4 data. Its dimensions will be those given by x_dim and y_dim.

energy = 1.prompt = energy (keV) for PSPC calculation

Energy to use to calculate the PSPC PRF. Only values between 0.2 keV and 1.7 keV are valid.

pixel_size = 0.prompt = pixel size [arcsec]

The size of the output pixels.

(clobber = no) [bool] OK to overwrite existing output file?

Will only overwrite existing output image file if this is set to yes.

(display = 1) [int] Display level

Display level for information. Zero will give no output; one and two will give information from immodel; three and four provides additional information from immodel; five give output from each task called.


In the following example a normalized 512x512 image, prf.imh, of the ROSAT PSPC point response function at 1.0keV with a pixel size of 0.5 arcsec will be created.

rosprf "512 512" "256 256" "PSPC" prf.imh 1.0


Execution time is dependent upon the size of the output image; this task runs immodel three times on files of that size. A 512x512 image takes about a minute.


The task should check more thoroughly that the user does not make a mistake.


help prf, help prfroshri, help prfrospspc, help immodel

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