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rpds -- Convert Kitt Peak PDS image files to IRAF image files


rpds pds_file file_list iraf_file


The PDS data source. The data data source may be a template specifying a list of disk files, e.g. pds* or a mag tape file specification of the form mtl*[n], e.g. "mta1600" or "mtb800[1]". The mt specifies magtape, l specifies the drive, a,b,c etc, * specifies the density and [n] the tape file number. If no tape file number is specified rpds reads the tape files specified by file_list.
A string parameter containing the list of tape files to be processed. File_list is only requested if no tape file number is specified in pds_file. For example the string


will convert files 1 through 8.

The IRAF file which will receive the PDS data if the make_image switch is set. If multiple files are input from tape or disk, the tape file number or disk sequence number will be appended to the output file name.
make_image = yes
If make_image is not set, the PDS image headers are listed on the standard output and no image file is created.
long_header = no
If this switch is set the full PDS header is printed on the standard output.
short_header = yes
If this switch is set only the output filename, the title string, and the image dimensions for each image are printed on the standard output.
datatype = "s"
The IRAF image data type, s (short integer), i (integer), l (long integer), r (real) or d (double).
tenbit = no
Old ten bit format?
ninetrack = yes
Ninetrack or old seven track tapes?
offset = 0
Offset is an integer parameter which is added to the tape file number or disk sequence number and appended to the parameter iraf_file. For example if offset = 100, iraf_file = "pds" and file_list = "1-3" the output file names will be "pds101", "pds102" and "pds103" respectively, instead of "pds001", "pds002" and "pds003".


Kitt Peak PDS data is read into IRAF from either a list of disk files or magnetic tape. The PDS header may optionally be printed on the standard output as either a full listing or a short description.


Convert a ninetrack PDS image tape to a set of IRAF images.

	cl> pdsread mtb1600 1-999 images

List the contents of a nintrack PDS tape on the standard output.

	cl> pdsread mtb1600 1-999 images ma-

Convert a list of pds file on disk to IRAF images.

	cl> pdsread pds* 1 images


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