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rprintx -- Print reseau mark coordinates from a reseau table.


rprintx input entry


The reseau entries are printed as line and sample pairs in the grid layout to which they correspond. A single reseau entry---or sequence of entries---from one table may be printed. Each entry will start on a new page. Holes in the reseau table (identified by INDEF coordinates) are represented as such.

Page width is set by an environment variable whose value can be changed using the set ttyncols=n command, where "n" is the new page width. For example, type "set ttyncols=132" to set the page width to 132 columns.


input [file name]
Name of the reseau table to be printed.
entry = * [string]
Name of the entry in input which is to be printed. The default value "*" will print all entries in the table. If no entries in the input table match the entry template, then nothing will be printed.
(plain = no) [boolean]
Produce a simple listing of X,Y coordinates?

The default (plain=no) is to print the reseau positions formatted for easy reading. Setting plain=yes will produce a simple list of X,Y coordinates, preceded by a comment line giving the table and entry names.


1. Print out all entries in a reseau table called test.

     fo> rprintx test *

2. Print all entries beginning with the letter "d", except those starting with the string "dapp".

     fo> rprintx test "d*,~dapp*"



This task was written by David Giaretta.


rgenx, rfindx

Type "help focgeom opt=sys" for a higher-level description of the focgeom package.

Type "help reseau" for a description of reseau table.

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