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rrcopy -- Convert IPPS rasters from RCOPY tapes to IRAF images


rrcopy rcopy_file raster_list iraf_file


The RCOPY data source, i.e., the name of a magtape device or a RCOPY format disk file.
A string listing the IPPS rasters to be read from the rcopy file.
The IRAF file which will receive the RCOPY data if the make_image parameter is set. If more than one raster is being read, the output filenames will be concatenated from this parameter and the raster sequence number on the RCOPY tape. That is, reading rasters 1 thru 8 from tape into iraf_file pic would generate a sequence of files: pic001, pic002, ..., pic008.
make_image = yes
This switch determines whether RCOPY image data is converted to an IRAF image file. When this switch it set to no, only a listing is produced, no output image is written.
print_header = yes
This switch determines if the header information will be printed for those rasters in "raster_list". (It might be appropriate to set print_header=no, or redirect the output, if RRCOPY is being run as a background task.)
data_type = ""
The data type of the output IRAF image. If an incorrect data_type or null string is entered, the default data type used is determined by the number of bits per pixel in the IPPS raster.


IPPS rasters stored on RCOPY tapes are read from the specified source. IPPS raster header information is listed. The image data may optionally be converted to an IRAF image file. It takes RRCOPY about 16 cpu seconds to read a 256 x 256 30-bit IPPS raster; 42 cpu seconds for a 320 x 512 30-bit raster; 34 cpu seconds for a 320 x 512 20-bit raster.


[1] List all IPPS headers from an RCOPY tape:

cl> rrcopy mtb 1-999 make_image=no

[2] Read the first 5 rasters from tape into IRAF images ipps001 through ipps005 with default data types:

cl> rrcopy mtb 1-5 ipps


The Cyber format readers, including rrcopy , have not been implemented on SUN/IRAF and AOS/IRAF.

The current version of IRAF magtape I/O does not read beyond the first volume of a multivolume tape.

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