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rremovex stsdas.hst_calib.foc.focphot



rremovex -- Remove reseau marks in an image.


rremovex input output coordfile


This task will fill in reseau marks in an image, minimizing the area affected by the fill. Reseau marks are removed from an image by replacing the values of the mark with values taken from neighboring pixels. If you get an error message to the effect that the coordfile is a table but the columns were not found, check that the values of xcol and ycol are correct.


input [file name]
The input image in which reseau marks are to be filled.
output [file name]
File name for the image created by rremovex.
coordfile [file name]
Name of the file containing reseau mark coordinates. This can be either a reseau table, a cursor table, or a text file with X,Y pairs. If a reseau table is used, the entry parameter must be specified. If a cursor table is used, the xcol and ycol parameters must be specified to give the column names. If a text file is used, xcol and ycol should be set to "c1" and "c2" respectively if the X and Y columns are the first and second.
(cabs = no) [boolean]
Are coordinates in the coordfile measured with respect to the photocathode?

Set cabs to "yes" if the coordinates in coordfile are photocathode coordinates; cabs = no implies coordinates relative to the image boundaries. Note that a reseau table normally contains photocathode coordinates.

(entry = *) [string]
Template describing which entries in the coordfile are to be used. This parameter is used only if coordfile is a reseau table. The default (*) uses only the first entry in the file.
(xcol = c1) [string]
Column name for X coordinates. This parameter is used if coordfile is a cursor table or a text file. For a text file xcol should be "c" followed by the column number.
(ycol = c2) [string]
Column name for Y coordinates. This parameter is used if coordfile is a cursor table or a text file. For a text file ycol should be "c" followed by the column number.


1. Fill in reseau marks in an image called "inimage". Use a reseau table called "resfile" for the locations of the reseau marks.

   fo> rremovex inimage outimage resfile entry="XF6579OP"



This task was written by David Giaretta.



Type "help focphot option=sys" for a higher-level description of the focphot package.

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