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rsubset stsdas.hst_calib.foc.focgeom



rsubset -- Extract or print a subset of a reseau grid.


rsubset inres entry outres cfirst clast rfirst rlast


This task extracts a subset of a reseau grid, copying the positions into another reseau table. If the output name is STDOUT or null, the positions are printed rather than extracted.

Note that this results in a smaller reseau grid, so it will not be possible to compare the input and output grids with, for example, the rdifferx or rstat tasks, or to combine them with rappendx.

The "tracking" is updated with the letter S.


inres = "" [file name template]
Input reseau tables.
entry = "*" [string]
Input entry template. The default is to extract subsets of all reseau entries.
outres = "" [file name template]
Output reseau tables. The number of input and output tables must be the same. Since the output reseau grid will normally be smaller than the input, the output and input cannot be the same table. If an output reseau table exists, the entries from the corresponding input table will be appended to the output table. In this case, the size of the output table must match the size of the extracted region. Duplicate entry names are permitted. If the output name is null or equal to "STDOUT", then the extracted subset will be printed to the standard output, with the X and Y pixel coordinates of one reseau position per line.
cfirst = [integer, min=1, max=INDEF]
The number of the first column to extract. Note that this is a column number rather than an X pixel coordinate.
clast = [integer, min=1, max=INDEF]
The number of the last column to extract.
rfirst = [integer, min=1, max=INDEF]
The number of the first row to extract. Note that this is a row number rather than a Y pixel coordinate.
rlast = [integer, min=1, max=INDEF]
The number of the last row to extract.
(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Print table names?


1. Print the X and Y coordinates of the single reseau position at the fifth column and third row of entry "respos" for each reseau table matching the template "x*.tab".

	fo> rsubset x*.tab respos STDOUT 5 5 3 3

2. Extract the rightmost three columns of a full (17 x 17) reseau grid from "", all entries, writing the output to "".

	fo> rsubset * 15 17 1 17



This task was written by Phil Hodge.


The rdirectory task shows the size of a reseau grid and the entry names. The rprint task may be used to print all the positions in an entry. Type "help focgeom option=sys" for a higher-level description of the focgeom package.

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