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rtodbx stsdas.hst_calib.foc.focgeom



rtodbx -- Produce reseau data in a format suitable for geometry tasks in the images package.


rtodbx input1 entry input2 refentry output


This task produces reseau coordinates in a format that can be used by tasks outside the foc package, such as tasks in the images package. The file produced by rtodbx will contain lines having the columns XDIST, YDIST, (i.e., the distorted X and Y positions) XREF, and YREF (i.e., the reference X and Y positions). Four coordinates are generated for each point, corresponding to a distorted position and a reference position.

Both the distorted and reference reseau positions can be taken from the same reseau table, input1, or the reference positions can be taken from a separate reseau table, input2, if that parameter is not null.


input= [file name]
The reseau file used as input.
entry = * [string]
Name of the distorted positions entry. The default "*" will use the first entry in input1.
input[file name]
Optional parameter containing the name of a second reseau file that will provide reference positions. If this parameter is omitted, then input1 will provide references.
refentry = * [string]
Name of the reference position entry. The default "*" will use the first entry in input2, if provided, otherwise it will use the first position in input1.
output = STDOUT [file name]
File name for the output text file produced by rtodbx.


1. Produce a file called out.txt that will contain the distorted positions and reference positions from the dist and ref entries, respectively, in the file inres.

fo> rtodbx dist "" ref out.txt



This task was written by David Giaretta.


geomap in the images package

Type "help focgeom option=sys" for a higher-level description of the focgeom package.

Type "help reseau" for a description of reseau files.

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