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saodump -- Dump the SAOimage display and colormap to a pair of IRAF images.




This task produces an image and color map suitable for submitting to the Celco film recorder using the celco task in the STSDAS vdisplay package (on the VAX only). It uses the dsimg task to dump the displayed image buffer to an IRAF image and the scmapc task to reformat a colormap file created by SAOimage to an IRAF image, and the fixicm task to force the image and color map to match.

Note that the color map file must have been created first by using the "write" button in the "cmap" submenu of the "Color" menu in SAOimage. It is not possible to do this from IRAF.

An SAOimage colormap file is a text file containing a functional representation of the colormap used by SAOimage. The data represent "nodes" in graphs of the input pixel value versus output intensity for each color. An optional "gamma" value may be present to modify the linear functional ralationship. The output colormap is a standard IRAF image. The rows in this 256 x 3 image represent the red, green, and blue maps, respectively, containing floating point data values scaled to the range zero to one.

Note that the files input to celco must be STF images in VAX format. To force STF output, use the explicit extension ".hhh" for the output image file names or use the cl environment variable imtype with the value "hhh". You can use the sun2vax task in the tools.convfile package to convert images from Sun to VAX binary format. The images used as input to celco need not reside on the VAX, however. You can use IRAF networking to access the files on another host.


(saocmap = "") [file name]
The input colormap file (from SAOimage). This represents "nodes" in graphs of the input pixel value versus output intensity for each color, optionally modified by a "gamma" value. If this is null, then no colormap image will be created.
(image = "saodump.hhh") [file name]
The file name of the output image containing the display buffer.
cmapimg = "cmap.hhh" [file name]
The filename of the output colormap image. The rows in this 256 x 3 image represent the red, green, and blue maps, respectively. The floating point data values are scaled to the range zero to one. The image is created if the saocmap parameter contains the name of an existing file. If this parameter is null and saocmap is not, then the output colormap file name is constructed by using the value of saocmap with the extension ".hhh" appended.


1. Assume that the file bwgam.scm contains the following:

# SAOimage color table
# dev$pix - m51  B  600s
# Wed Feb 26 15:06:25 1992
RED: gamma 1.5
GREEN: gamma 1.5
BLUE: gamma 1.5

It is a color map output from SAOimage of the default gray ramp with an applied gamma of 1.5. The following command would reformat it to an STF image:

pl> saodump bwgam.scm bwgam.hhh


dstoim, fixicm

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