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saolpr -- Send contents of an SAOImage/IMTOOL display directly to a printer.


saolpr frame


This is a simple script for printing the contents of an SAOImage/IMTOOL display directly to a psikern-supported IRAF printer. One can specify where on the page to place the image and whether a colormap should be used.

The primary task rendering the image is igi using the zsection and pixmap commands. See the help on igi for more information.


frame = [integer]
Frame to get image from. For SAOImage, this is not applicable.
(saocmap = "") [file name]
Name of an SAOImage color map, written by SAOImage, to apply to the image when printing. If blank, a default gray scale color map is used.
(device = "stdplot") [string]
Name of the psikern-supported hardcopy device.
(append = no) [boolean]
Append this image to a previous plot?
(left = 0., right = 1., bottom = 0., top = 1.) [real]
Position of the image in the display. The image will be scaled to correct for aspect ration differences between image and output device, hence the specified positions are used only as guidelines for placing the image. See the igi command fitpix for more information.
(min = INDEF, max = INDEF) [real]
These specify the pixel values that will be mapped to the darkest (min) to lightest (max) gray scale value. If min is greater than max, a negative of the image will be produced. See the igi command zrange for more information.


1. Print the current image in SAOImage.

	cl> display image 1
	cl> saolpr 1



STSDAS Contact: Jonathan Eisenhamer


dstoim, igi

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