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setinstrument noao.imred.ccdred



setinstrument -- Set instrument parameters


setinstrument instrument


Instrument identification for instrument parameters to be set. If ? then a list of the instrument identifiers is printed.
site = "kpno"
Site ID.
directory = "ccddb$"
Instrument directory containing instrument files. The instrument files are found in the subdirectory given by the site ID.
review = yes
Review the instrument parameters? If yes then eparam is run for the parameters of ccdred and ccdproc .
Parameter query if initial instrument is not found.


The purpose of the task is to allow the user to easily set default parameters for a new instrument. The default parameters are generally defined by support personel in an instrument directory for a particular site. The instrument directory is the concatenation of the specified directory and the site. For example if the directory is "ccddb$" and the site is "kpno" then the instrument directory is "ccddb$kpno/". The user may have his own set of instrument files in a local directory. The current directory is used by setting the directory and site to the null string ("").

The user specifies an instrument identifier. This instrument may be specific to a particular observatory, telescope, instrument, and detector. If the character ? is specified or the instrument file is not found then a list of instruments in the instrument directory is produced by paging the file "". The task then performs the following operations:

If an instrument translation file with the name given by the instrument ID and the extension ".dat" is found then the instrument translation file parameter, ccdred.instrument , is set to this file. If it does not exist then the user is queried again. Note that a null instrument, "", is allowed to set no translation file.
If an instrument setup script with the name given by the instrument ID and the extension ".cl" is found then the commands in the file are executed (using the command cl < script . This script generally sets default parameters.
If the review flag is set the task eparam is run to allow the user to examine and modify the parameters for the package ccdred and task ccdproc .


1. To get a list of the instruments;

	cl> setinstrument ?
	[List of instruments]

2. To set the instrument and edit the processing parameters:

	cl> setinstrument ccdlink
	[Edit CCDRED parameters]
	[Edit CCDPROC parameters]

3. To use your own instrument translation file and/or setup script in
your working directory.

	cl> setinst.dir=""
	cl> setinst myinstrument

To make these files see help under \fBinstruments\fR.  Copying and modifying
system files is also straightforward.

	cl> copy ccddb$kpno/fits.dat .
	cl> edit fits.dat
	cl> setinst.dir=""
	cl> setinst fits


instruments, ccdred, ccdproc

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