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sflux -- fit a continuum to one or more spectra


sflux intable outtable


This is a cl script for creating a continuum fit which can then be used as intable2 for the fweight task.

There are several related tasks with the ultimate goal of splicing spectra together, averaging in the overlap regions. splice does the splicing, but to get the best results the weights should be assigned carefully. fweight and pweight are two tasks that assign weights. pweight uses reference tables (primarily phottab), rather than the observed spectral data. fweight uses the NET and FLUX columns together with a continuum fit to the flux; sflux is an easy way to generate that continuum fit.

The main task used by this script is continuum, but other tasks are used to initially combine the input spectra and to convert between the different data formats that the various tasks require. All the input data will first be spliced together into one spectrum. Before running splice, however, pweight is used to assign initial values to the weights so the splicing will be done as well as can be at this stage. Then tomultispec (or mkmultispec, as appropriate) will be run on the spliced spectrum to convert from a table to a multispec format image. Then continuum will be run to create a continuum fit, and the fit will be converted to a table using imtab.

Due to the use of the above tasks, the input tables are expected to contain specific columns and header keywords. The files written by the x1d task do contain the required columns and keywords. It is not necessary that the input columns be arrays; scalar columns are fine, as long as the columns have the usual names, and the header keywords are present.

The following columns are required in the input tables: WAVELENGTH, FLUX, ERROR, and DQ. SPORDER and EXTRSIZE can be either columns or table header keywords; SPORDER is required, but EXTRSIZE is optional. The following keywords are required: PHOTTAB, OPT_ELEM, CENWAVE, EXPTIME. The following keywords are optional: PCTAB, APERTAB, APERTURE, HELCORR, RA_TARG, DEC_TARG, EXPSTART, EXPEND. See the help for pweight for further information about these keywords and columns.

Tasks are used from several packages, which must be loaded; these are: images, noao.onedspec and stsdas.hst_calib.


intable [file name template]
A list of tables containing spectra to be used for creating the continuum fit.

If an input FITS file contains more than one table, each such table needs to be listed individually.

outtable [file name]
The output table. The wavelengths derived from the spliced input tables, together with the fitted continuum, will be written to this table with column names "WAVELENGTH" and "FLUX".
(logfile = "") [string]
The name of the log file optionally written by the continuum task.
(function = "spline3") [string: legendre | chebyshev | spline| spline3]
The function that continuum will fit to the combined spectra.
(order = 1) [int]
For function, the number of polynomial coefficients or the number of spline pieces.
(interactive = no) [boolean]
Perform the continuum fit interactively using the icfit commands?
(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Print more info?


1. Create the continuum fit file for o52z24010_x1d.fits. This will create, with columns "wavelength" and "flux".

    on> sflux o52z24010_x1d.fits

2. Run the individual steps to generate a continuum fit. In this example, we skip the pweight step, doing the initial splicing without weights. We can get the resulting fit in a text file by using listpixels, or we can get STSDAS or FITS table format by using imtab. In the example, smoothed_flux.txt is an ASCII text file (a text table with implicit columns "c1" and "c2"), and is an stsdas table with columns "wavelength" and "flux".

    st> splice o52z24010_x1d.fits qqtemp.fits wgt_name="" sw_name=""
    st> tomultispec qqtemp.fits qqtemp.imh
    on> continuum qqtemp.imh qqtemp_c.imh type="fit"

    im> listpixels qqtemp_c.imh wcs="world" > smoothed_flux.txt
    tt> imtab qqtemp_c.imh flux pname="wl" wcs="world"
    tt> tchcol wl1 wavelength "" ""

    # delete temporary files
    im> imdel qqtemp.fits,qqtemp.imh,qqtemp_c.imh



This task was written by Phil Hodge.


splice, pweight, fweight, tomultispec, continuum, listpixels, imtab

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