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sharp -- compute sharpness of stars in WFPC2 images


sharp image inlist statsec outlist


This task computes and prints, in tabular form, sharpnesses of a list of stars, along with their positions and brightnesses. These results are for the purpose of monitoring the HST focus.

This task measures sharpness of stars for a given group of the WFPC2 image. The group number can be specified in the standard group specification attached to the image name. E.g., the `image' parameter specified as u20e1020t.d0h[3] would mean to operate on group number three of that image, u20e1020t.d0h. The task first estimates a background level by computing a median from an image section specified by the parameter, `statsec'. If it is blank, it will take the median of the entire image. It then subtracts the background from the input image.

The initial positions of a list of stars should be given in an input list file, `inlist', which is an ASCII file with two numbers each line, indicating the center position of a star in x and y directions in pixel units. These positions need not be precise, but they should be as close to the peaks of the stars as possible. The task will search for a local maximum within a user specified box with the parameter, `boxsize'. The initial center positions will be updated by the locations of the found maxima, which are served as true star positions.

The "brightness" of a star is defined as

B = Sum [P(i)],

where P(i) is the pixel value of the i'th pixel. And the sharpness is given as

S = Sum [P(i)**2] / B**2.

These two quantities are measured in the box specified with the parameter, `boxsize'. The updated star positions, along with their brightnesses, sharpnesses are stored in the output list file, specified by the parameter `outlist'. In the outlist file, the mean and the standard deviation of the sharpness are also recorded.


image [string]
Input image for which sharpnesses of a list of stars are to be computed.
inlist [string]
Input list of star positions
statsec [string]
Image section for computing background
outlist [string]
Output list of star positions and their sharpnesses
(boxsize = 9) [integer]
Box size in units of numbers of pixels


cl> sharp u2820409t.d0h[1] list1 statsec="[20:200,30:310]" outl boxsize=9

The input star list, list1, looks like

300 628
500 428

The output list, outl, contains the following lines:

#Sharpness for Image u2820409t.d0h, Group No. 1, SKY= 295.
#Star No.  Xc    Yc    Brightness Sharpness
1          301   629   768.       0.06570096
2          501   428   122.       0.09029831
#Mean Sharpness= 0.07799964, RMS= 0.01739296

The task is written by CY Zhang. The sharp program was based on the similar 
task written in IDL by John Krist and Hashima Hasan. The definition of 
the sharpness is taken from H. Hasan, Instrument Science Report, 
No. OTA 16, Apr 19, 1994.


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