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stdplot plot



stdplot -- draw metacode on the standard plotter device


stdplot input


The list of input metacode files.
device = "stdplot"
The type of plotting device.
generic = no
The remaining parameters are ignored when generic = yes.
debug = no
If debug = yes, the graphics instructions are decoded and printed during processing.
verbose = no
If verbose = yes, the elements of polylines, cell arrays, etc. will be printed in debug mode.
gkiunits = no
By default, coordinates are printed in NDC rather than GKI units.


Task stdplot translates metacode and draws it on a plotting device. Input is GKI metacode, which can be read from one or more binary files or redirected from the standard input.

If debug is set to yes, the plotting instructions are printed in readable form during processing. If verbose = yes, elements of polyline and cell array calls are printed in addition to the default debug output. Coordinates can be printed in either GKI (0 - 32767) or NDC (0.0 - 1.0) units.


1. Extract the fourth frame from metacode file "" and plot it.

cl> gkiextract 4 | stdplot

2. Plot metacode frame "contour.demo" in debug mode, so the plotting instructions can be read as they are processed.

cl> stdplot contour.demo debug+


gkiextract stdgraph

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