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stfhistory stsdas.toolbox.headers



stfhistory -- Read history information from a text file and add it to an image header.


stfhistory input histtext


The task reads text from a file (or from the keyboard, i.e., STDIN) and appends this text as HISTORY records to the image header specified by the input parameter. Each HISTORY record is made up of as many as 54 characters. Characters beyond the 54th are written to additional HISTORY records.


input [file name]
The input image to which HISTORY records are to be added.
histtext [string]
String to add as a history card. If the string begins with "@", then the rest of the string is taken as a file name which contains the text to be added. To read from standard input, you would specify "@STDIN".


1. Append the text in texthistory to the header file imagein.hhh as HISTORY records. If lines in texthistory exceed 54 characters, multiple HISTORY records will be created.

  to> stfhistory imagein.hhh @texthistory

2. Record the parameters from task rfindx in the header of the image file resim.hhh.

  to> lpar rfindx | stfhistory resim.hhh @STDIN



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