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syndico -- Make dicomed plots of full disk images (18 centimeters in diameter)


syndico image


Image to plot on the dicomed.
logofile = iraf$noao/imred/vtel/nsolcrypt.dat
File containing the text encoded NSO logo image.
device = dicomed
Device on which to plot the image.
sbthresh = 2
Squibby brightness threshold used to determine the limb for trimming.
plotlogo = yes
Flag indicating whether or not to plot the logo.
verbose = yes
Flag indicating to the program that it should give progress reports.
forcetype = no
Flag to override the wavelength designation from the image header.
magnetic = yes
If forcetype = yes then this flag designates that we should force to magnetic (8688). If set to no the type is forced to 10830. The effect of forcing the type is to choose which lookup table to use when scaling the image.
Month the observation was taken (January = 1,,,December = 12).
Day of the month the observation was taken.
Year the observation was taken (two digits only, ie. 89 for 1989).
Hour of the day the observation was taken (universal time, 1-24).
Minute the observation was taken (0-59).
Second the observation was taken (0-59).


Syndico produces full disk plots on the Dicomed. The ephemeris data is used to estimate the radius of the image and the center of the disk is gotten from the image header. Using this data, an image is made that is as close to 18 centimeters in diameter as possible. There are two greyscale lookup tables corresponding to the two types of image normally used, the magnetogram and the spectroheliogram. If the wavelength is something other than 8688 or 10830, a linear greyscale is used.

The National Solar Observatory (tentative) logo is read from an encoded text file and put on the plot if requested (default).


	vt> syndico image1


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