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tconvert -- Convert table formats between Suns and VAXes.


tconvert intable outtable direction


This task converts STSDAS tables between Sun and VAX formats. Normally, the input and output tables will be on different machines, using IRAF networking to actually transfer the files. As an alternative, the output tables can be put on the same machine as the input tables, and then you can transfer the output files using FTP (in binary mode) to the other machine.

FITS tables and text tables are machine independent, so they do not need any conversion and can simply be copied. Nevertheless, tconvert can be used for these files as well. In the case of a text file, tconvert will first verify that the file can be opened as a table, in order to exclude files that contain plain text rather than tabular text. In the case of a FITS file, if a particular table within the file was specified (i.e. by name or number in brackets appended to the file name), then that table will be copied; otherwise, the entire file will be copied.

The tconvert task cannot be used to change the table type. You can use tcopy to change type, however, as long as the machine-dependent format is on the local node. See example 7.


intable = "" [file name template]
Input table names. If the input tables are on a remote node (i.e., a Sun), the name must include the node name followed by an exclamation point and the full directory and file name. The names may be given in a single-column ASCII list file, in which case intable would be passed the file name preceded by an "@" sign.
outtable = "" [file name template]
Output file names, or the name of a directory. As with intable, the output names may be given in a single-column ASCII file. If outtable is a directory name (which may be on a remote node), the output table names will be the same as the input names.
direction = "default" [string, allowed values: default | vs | sv]

Setting this parameter to "vs" specifies that input tables are in VAX format, and output tables will be in Sun format. Setting direction="sv" implies that tables should be converted from Sun to VAX format.

It is necessary to explicitly specify the type of conversion when both the input and output tables are on the same type of machine. If one table is on the local node and the other is on a remote node, however, either the input name or output name but not both will contain an exclamation point separating the node name from the directory and file name. In this case direction can be set to "default", and the task will assume the direction is from VAX to Sun or from Sun to VAX depending on whether the exclamation point is found in the outtable parameter or intable.

(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Print operations performed? If this is set to "yes", the names of each input and output table will be written to the standard output.


1. Suppose we are running IRAF on a Sun, and we have tables on a VAX called "abcvax" in directory "disk$scratch:[caldir]" that we want to copy to the current directory on the Sun. We specify the direction "vs" explicitly.

	co> set scrdir = "abcvax!disk\$scratch:[caldir]"
	co> tconvert scrdir$*.tab . vs

2. This example is similar to the previous example, but will copy another table, called "c241150fx.cxu", from the current Sun directory to the scratch directory on the remote VAX.

	co> tconvert c241150fx.cxu scrdir sv

3. This example is like the previous example, but will set the name of the output table to "".

	co> tconvert c241150fx.cxu scrdir$ sv

4. Suppose we are running IRAF on a VAX, and we have tables on a Sun called "abcsun" in the directory "/abc/u1/caldir" that we want to copy to the "tabdir" subdirectory of our IRAF home directory on the local VAX. We would do something like:

	co> set scrdir = "abcsun!/abc/u1/caldir/"
	co> tconvert scrdir$*.tab home$tabdir/ sv

5. This example is like example 4, but will copy the file "c241150fx.cxu" from the current VAX directory to the directory "/abc/u1/caldir" on the remote Sun, changing the file name to "".

	co> tconvert c241150fx.cxu scrdir$ sv

6. This example is also like example 4, but will specify the remote node and directory on the command line rather than using an environment variable. Since the name includes a "!" we can use direction = default.

	co> tconvert abcsun!/abc/u1/caldir/*.tab home$tabdir/ default

7. Copy an STSDAS table in the current directory to a FITS file on another machine. Note that we use tcopy rather than tconvert.

	co> tcopy c241150fx.cxu scrdir$c241150fx.fits



Type "help convfile option=sys" for a higher-level description of the convfile package.

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