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tcopy -- Tape to tape copy


tcopy input_fd output_fd


Tape file or device name for input, e.g. "mta1600[1]" or "mtb800"
List of tape file numbers or ranges delimited by commas, e.g. "1-3,5-8". `Files' is requested only if no file number is given in `input_fd'. Files will be read in ascending order, reguardless of the order of the list. Reading will terminate if EOT is reached, thus a list such as "1-999" may be used to read all the files on the tape.
File or device name, e.g. "mta1600[1]" or "mtb800" If a file number is not given the user will be asked whether or not this is a new tape. If it is a new tape the file number "1" will be used. If it is not a new tape, i.e. it already has data on it, then file number "EOT" will be used.
new_tape = no
New tape flag. Usage is described above.
verbose = no
Flag to signal program that it should print information about progress while running.


Tcopy copies files from one tape to another reporting read errors on the input tape as it goes. Tcopy, when it encounters a read error, does its best to get as much data as possible by validating the input buffer after the error, guessing its length, and writing it out to the output tape.


1. To copy all the files on mta to a new tape on mtb:

	vt> tcopy mta 1-999 mtb yes

2. To copy file 5 from mta and append it to the tape on mtb:

	vt> tcopy mta1600[5] mtb no



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