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tdelete tables



tdelete -- Delete a table.


tdelete table


This task deletes tables. The input may be a general filename template, including wildcard characters, or the name of a list file (preceded by the "@" character) containing table names.

The task checks that the file to be deleted really is a table before deleting it. In order to protect against accidental deletion of files other than tables, text tables may be deleted using tdelete only if verify = yes.


table [file name template]
A list of one or more tables to be deleted.
(verify = no) [boolean]
Prompt for confirmation before deleting? It is possible to delete text tables using tdelete if verify is set to "yes".
(default_action = yes) [boolean]
Default action for the verify query. If default_action = yes, then the prompt will come back with "yes?" and striking return will proceed with the delete.
go_ahead = yes [boolean]
This is a copy of default_action used for prompting if verify = yes. This parameter is set by the task, it copies the value of default_action, but cannot be directly set by the user.


1. Delete a single table.

	cl> tdelete table

2. Delete several tables.

	cl> tdelete table1,table2,tab67
	cl> tdelete *.tab,a,b,c

In the latter case, the extension is given explicitly because there may be other files beginning with "tab" that are not tables.

3. Delete a list of tables using verify.

	cl> tdelete fits*.tab ver+
	cl> delete table `' ? (yes): yes
	cl> delete table `' ? (yes): yes
	cl> delete table `' ? (yes): yes


Text tables cannot be deleted by tdelete unless verify is set to yes.


This task was written by Phil Hodge.


delete, tcopy, trename

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