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tokens lists



tokens -- break input into stream of tokens


tokens files


The list of files to be converted into a stream of tokens.
ignore_comments = yes
Ignore comments in the input string?
begin_comment = "#"
The string marking the start of a comment
end_comment = "eol"
The string marking the end of a comment. The value end_comment = "eol" means the end of a line terminates a comment.
newlines = yes
Is newline a legal token?


Task tokens breaks the input up into a series of tokens. The makeup of the various tokens is defined by the FMTIO primitive ctotok, which is not very sophisticated, and does not claim to recognize the tokens for any particular language (though it does reasonably well for most modern languages). Comments can be deleted if desired, and newlines may be passed on to the output as tokens.

Comments are delimited by user specified strings. Only strings which are also recognized by ctotok() as legal tokens may be used as comment delimiters. If newline marks the end of a comment, the end_comment string should be given as "eol". Examples of acceptable comment conventions are ("#", eol), ("/*", "*/"), ("{", "}"), and ("!", eol). Fortran style comments ("^{c}",eol) can be stripped by filtering with match beforehand.

Each token is passed to the output on a separate line. Multiple newline tokens are compressed to a single token (a blank line). If newline is not desired as an output token, it is considered whitespace and serves only to delimit tokens.


Break up the source file for this task into tokens:

cl> tokens tokens.x



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