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translit utilities



translit -- replace or delete specified characters in a file


translit infile from_string [to_string]


The input file name or template, e.g. "abc" or "abc.*".
String containing characters to be mapped. If delete is yes then the characters in from_string are deleted from the input file(s). The from_string may specify a range of characters, e.g. "a-z" or "A-Z". If the first character of from_string is ^ then the program will operate on all but the specified characters, e.g. "^a-z" means all but lower case alphabetic characters.
Requested if delete is no, otherwise set to the null string. Characters in from_string are mapped into characters in to_string. When to_string is short with respect to from_string, it is padded by duplicating the last character.
delete = no
If delete is yes the characters in from_string are deleted from the input file(s) and no to_string is requested.
collapse = no
If this switch is set all strings of repeatedly mapped output characters are squeezed to a single character.


To change all the alphabetic characters in a file from lower to upper case, writing the result on the standard output:

cl> translit filename a-z A-Z

To delete the letters a, b, and c from a file:

cl> translit filename abc de=yes

To replace all but the letters abc in a file with A:

cl> translit filename ^abc A

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