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type system



type -- type a file or files on the standard output


type input_files


A template specifying the file or files to be typed.
map_cc = yes
If set, output any non-printing control characters in the input text in a printable form, e.g., ctrl/c (ASCII 3) would be output as ^C.
device = "terminal"
The output device, defaulting to the user's terminal. If the special device "text" is named, any standout mode control characters embedded in the text will cause the enclosed text to be output in upper case.


Type copies the named files (or the files selected by the file template) to the standard output. If there is more than one file in the input list, a header naming the file to be printed will preceed each output file.


1. Type all files in the current directory with the extension ".x" on the standard output. Do not pause between files or pages (unlike page ).

cl> type *.x

2. Capture the manual page for task hedit in a text file, in a form suitable for printing on any device.

cl> help hedit | type dev=text > hedit.doc


page, head, tail, concatenate, lprint

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