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uniqfile -- Give a file a unique name.


uniqfile filename instr


This task uses the HST instrument name and the current time to rename a file so that it will be unique over the telescope's lifetime. The file name root has the format YMDHHMMSI where:

  Y  denotes the year (where 1981 = 1)
  M  denotes the month of the year (where January = 1)
  D  denotes the day (where first day of month = 1)
  HH denotes the hour (00-23)
  MM denotes the minutes (00-59)
  S  denotes (seconds/2) 
  I  denotes the instrument
     (f=FGS, v=HSP, w=WFPC, x=FOC, y=FOS, z=HRS, m=multiple)

The file name extension and directory of the original file are added to the root name. If the file is an image, both parts of the image will be renamed and a history record containing the old name, new name, and time will be added to the image header. The task checks to see if a file by the same name already exists in the current directory and if it does, it creates a new root file name. The file name generated is not guaranteed to be unique across directories. The algorithm used to generate the file name has a time granularity of two seconds.


instr [string, allowed values: fgs | hsp | wfpc | wfp| foc | fos |
hrs | multi]

HST instrument name. If a file is used by more than one instrument, the value passed to instr should be "multi".

fname [file name]
Original file name.
(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Print a message on the terminal display showing the old and new file names each time a file is processed?


1. Generate a new filename for a WF/PC flat field.

  to> uniqfile wflat001.d0h wfpc



uniqid, uniqname

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