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uniqtab -- Give all the files in an STSDAS table unique names.


uniqtab input colnames instr


This task renames the files named in an STSDAS table and updates the table to reflect the new names. Files are renamed according to the CDBS unique naming conventions (these conventions are described in the help files for the uniqfile and uniqname tasks). The first parameter, input, gives the names of one or more tables containing file names. The second parameter, colnames, give the names of the table columns containing file names. If the table contains the names of both the header and data files of an image, both column names should be specified. The third parameter, instr, gives the name of the instrument associated with the files in the STSDAS table. The file names generated using the CDBS unique naming convention are a function of the associated instrument.


input [file name template]
Name of the STSDAS table(s) containing file names.
colnames [string]
The names of the columns in the STSDAS table which contain file names. The files may be images or STSDAS tables. Column names should be separated by blanks or commas.
instr [string, allowed values: fgs | hsp | wfpc | wfp| foc |
fos | hrs | multi ]

HST instrument name. If a file is used by more than one instrument, the value passed to instr should be "multi".

(directory = " ") [string]
Renamed files will be placed in this directory.
(verbose = yes) [boolean]
Print a message on the terminal display showing the old and new file names each time a file is renamed?


1. Rename the files in according to CDBS conventions.

  to> uniqtab header_file,data_file fos


Because of the structure of the CDBS unique naming convention, two seconds must elapse between generating file names. This means it can take a long time to rename all the files in a table with a large number of rows.


uniqfile, uniqname

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