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urand utilities



urand -- uniform random number generator


urand nlines ncols


The number of lines of output to be generated.
The number of random numbers per output line.
ndigits = 4
Number of digits of precision in each random number.
scale_factor = 1.0
Factor by which the numbers are to be scaled (multiplied).
seed = 1
Seed for the random number generator. If the value is "INDEF" then the clock time (integer seconds since 1980) is used as the seed value giving different randome numbers for different executions.


The system random number generator is called to generate a sequence of random numbers in list form. By default, the random numbers will be uniformly distributed over the range 0 to 1. The number of lines of output, number of columns (random numbers) per line, and number of significant digits in each number may all be set by the caller.


Generate a sequence of 100 random numbers and graph them on the graphics terminal in point plot mode. Autoscaling is turned off so that the plot will be scaled to the rand 0-1 (the graph defaults) in both axes.

cl> urand 100 2 | graph po+ xa- ya-

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