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using_xplot -- Guide to general plotting tasks available to display Xray data


This document is a guide to plot tasks available to display xray data in the Xplot package and also other packages within IRAF.


The following are 3 task lists (by graph type, file type, and output
device) of commonly used Display tasks.  It is meant to help the 
User locate Graphics tasks appropriate for their data.  
Type 'help <task name>' for further details on specific tasks.  

	Graph type		  Task name

	Contouring -------------  imcontour, tvimcontour
	Histo/Point/line graph -  IGI, tabplot, sgraph
	Image Display ----------  xdisplay
	Interactive Display ----  imexamine, xexamine, tvlabel 
	Plot Labeling ----------  tvmark
	Projections ------------  tvproj, xexamine
	Skymap -----------------  wcslab, imcontour, tvimcontour

	File type      		  Task name

	Ascii lists  -----------  sgraph
	Images/Qpoes -----------  imcontour, tvimcontour, 
		          	  tvlabel, tvmark, tvproj
		          	  imexamine, xexamine, xdisplay 
                          	  sgraph, wcslab
	Tables -----------------  tabplot, IGI, sgraph

	Output device		  Task name

	Graphics windo ---------  imcontour, IGI, tabplot, sgraph
	TV windo ---------------  imexamine, xexamine
			   	  tvimcontour, tvlabel, tvmark, tvproj
			  	  xdisplay, wcslab


Xtiming package for plotting timing analysis output Xspectral package for plotting spectral analysis output

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