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vtblink -- Blink daily grams to check registration




First image to be mapped.
Subsequent images to be mapped
z= -3000.0
Minimum grayscale intensity to be mapped during display.
z= 3000.0
Maximum grayscale intensity to be mapped during display.


Vtblink allows the user to blink successive frames of data on the IIS. The program calculates the offset between grams based on the longitudes for each image. Vtblink will ask for each successive image and will display it on the next (mod 4) IIS frame. After each image is displayed the user is put back out in the cl so that he/she can use any of the images$tv tasks to analyze the data. The user returns to the blink program by typing bye to the cl prompt. To exit the program the user enters the "end" for the filename. Images are displayed with the grayscale limits set by default to -3000.0 and 3000.0. These values correspond to the parameters z1 and z2 which may be given on the command line. If the user forgets which IIS frame contains which image, he/she can enter "stat" to the "next image" prompt and will get a list of which images are in which frames.


1. To run vtblink with the default gray scale parameters just type:

	vt> vtblink

2. To run vtblink with gray scale parameters z1=-4000.0, z2=4000.0, the command would be:

	vt> vtblink z1=-4000.0 z2=4000.0


display, blink, lumatch

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