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vtexamine noao.imred.vtel



vtexamine -- examine the headers and record structure of vacuum telescope files


mtexamine tape_file


Tape file, e.g. "mta1600[2]" or "mta1600".
List of tape file numbers or ranges delimited by commas, e.g. "1-3,5-8". File_list is requested only if no file number is given in tape_file. Files will be read in ascending order, regardless of the order of the list. Reading will terminate if EOT is reached, thus a list such as "1-999" may be used to read all the files on the tape.
Decode and print header information from each file examined.


By default, vtexamine decodes and prints header and record structure information for each file examined. The header information can be turned off by setting headers=no.


1. To see the header information and determine the record structure of all the files on a vacuum telescope tape and send the result to the file vtdump:

	vt> vtexamine mtb1600 1-999 > vtdump

2. To just get the record structure for the third file on a vacuum telescope tape the command would be:

	vt> vtexamine mtb1600[3] headers=no


The IRAF magtape i/o routines do not permit data beyond a double EOF to be accessed. Therefore vtexamine cannot be used to examine tapes with embedded double EOFs.

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