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wcscopy images.immatch



wcscopy -- copy the wcs of a reference image to a list of images


wcscopy images refimages


The list of input images which will inherit the wcs of the reference image. If the image does not exists a datal-less image header is created.
The list of reference images containing the reference wcs. The number of reference images must be one or equal to the number of input images.
verbose = yes
Print messages about the progress of the task?


WCSCOPY copies the world coordinate system information in the header of the reference image reference to the headers of the input images images , replacing any existing world coordinate system information in the input image headers in the process. WCSCOPY assumes that the world coordinate system information in the header of the reference image is accurate and that all the input images have write permission. If the input image does not exist a data-less image header is created. The WCS is treated as an independent object and there is no check made on the dimensionality and sizes of the images.


Information on IRAF world coordinate systems including more detailed descriptions of the "logical", "physical", and "world" coordinate systems can be found in the help pages for the WCSEDIT and WCRESET tasks. Detailed documentation for the IRAF world coordinate system interface MWCS can be found in the file "iraf$sys/mwcs/MWCS.hlp". This file can be formatted and printed with the command "help iraf$sys/mwcs/MWCS.hlp fi+ | lprint". Information on the spectral coordinates systems and their suitability for use with WCSXYMATCH can be obtained by typing "help specwcs | lprint". Details of the FITS header world coordinate system interface can be found in the document "World Coordinate Systems Representations Within the FITS Format" by Hanisch and Wells, available from our anonymous ftp archive.


1. Make sure that the world coordinates systems of a list of input images that have been registered to a reference image with the xregister task are identical to the world coordinate system of the reference image.

	cl> xregister @inlist refimage [200:400,200:400] shifts \
	    output=@outlist xwindow=21 ywindow=21
	cl> wcscopy @outlist refimage

2. Create a data-less WCS image by specifying a new image.

	cl> wcscopy new dev$wpix





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