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wmosaic stsdas.hst_calib.wfpc



wmosaic -- Mosaic the 4 individual WF/PC or WFPC2 frames into 1 image.


wmosaic infile outfile


This task will produce a mosaic of the four groups that comprise the full WF/PC or WFPC2 field of view. The input frames must be a 4-group (multigroup) WF/PC or WFPC2 image. The output file is a one group, 1600 pixels x 1600 pixels GEIS image where the 4 input frames have been placed in their proper quadrants.

This task also makes the following corrections: (1) geometric distortion in each chip, and (2) rotation, offsets, and scale differences among the chips. A quicker mosaic task is also available (QMOSAIC), but it does not include the above mentioned corrections.

After the completion of this task, there may be a cross-shaped dark area at the center. This is due to imperfect matches between chip boundaries and the over-masking of original images near the boundaries. For WF/PC images, a separate task called SEAM can be used to "airbrush" this for a more visually pleasant appearance. The task SEAM does not work on WFPC2 images.

It takes about 6 minutes to run this task on a lightly loaded SUN SPARC 2 machine.


infile [string]
Input images. Each file in the list must be a 4-groups WF/PC or WFPC2 image.
outfile [string]
Output images. The layout of the input groups on the output is:

		| 1 | 4 |
		|   |   |
		| 2 | 3 |
		|   |   |


1. Mosaic the four groups in file wr1.c0h into a 1600 by 1600 image wr1mos.hhh.

wf> wmosaic wr1.c0h wr1mos.hhh  


Geometric distortion and camera offset/rotation coefficients for WF/PC were supplied by Roberto Gilmozzi and Shawn Ewald at STScI in November 1992. Coefficients for WFPC2 were supplied by Roberto Gilmozzi, Ellyne Kinney, and Shawn Ewald in December 1994.


seam, qmosaic, metric

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