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xdimtogf -- Convert a single group (N+1)-dimensional GEIS file to a multigroup GEIS file.


xdimtogf input output


This program will take as input, a one-group file that has an extra dimension to account for groups, and a table with the names and values of the parameters for each group. The output is a multigroup GEIS file with as many groups as the dimensionality of the last dimension of the last input file.

The input file should have the following keywords and values:

	GROUPS   =	F	/No groups
	PSIZE    =	0	/Size of the GPB
	PCOUNT   =	0	/Number of parameters
	GCOUNT   =	1	/One group file
	SDASMGNU =	12	/12 is the value of the extra


input [file name template]
Name of file, list of files, or template to be used as input. This parameter is the name of the special file that has no group parameter block and having an extra dimension for the groups. There should also be a table file that has the same rootname as the input file and having an extension .tab; this table contains the group parameter values.
output [file name template]
Name of file, list of files, or directory where the output is to be written. If a list of files is used, the number of output files should match the number of input files. If a directory is used, the resulting file names will be the same as the input file names. The output will be a true multigroup file with a group parameter descriptor in the file header and a group parameter block after each data portion of each group in the data file.
(verbose = no) [boolean]
Display messages about the program's progress? This option will produce one line per file.


1. Create a multigroup file from a FITS file and table. Notice that the table is not present in the arguments. The program will look for

	fi> xdimtogf  ifile.hhh  outfile.hhh  verbose+


The combination <root>_cvt.??h and <root>, where the ?? are 2 characters different from hh, is not allowed.

At this time the suffix _cvt is special and it will work only if the filename extension is hhh, e.g. <root>_cvt.hhh and <root_cvt>.tab.

The input file name can have only one extension, e.g., a file name such as file.c0h.hhh would not be allowed.



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