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The CVOS is the C Interface to the Image Reduction and Analysis Facility (IRAF) Virtual Operating System libraries (VOS). The CVOS was developed by the Science Software Team at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). The CVOS is comprised of both pre-built interface functions to the major IRAF libraries which the programmer can use ``out of the box'' to begin writing C applications, as well as a semi-automated interface generation mechanism which can be used to create additional bindings to needed IRAF functionality.

CVOS Documentation

The CVOS User's Guide and Reference Manual is designed to be a comprehensive document not only on the use of the pre-built C interface functions of the CVOS, but also a detailed description on how to build interfaces for the IRAF system. The manual is divided into two main chapters:

Although the final version of Chapter 2 is not complete, the manual can be retrieved in order to obtain the CVOS User's Guide. As an interim replacement for the CVOS Reference Manual one can obtain an older document, A C Interface to IRAF's VOS Library, which describes how to build C interfaces to IRAF. This document has been updated as necessary to reflect the current state of the CVOS system.

CVOS User's Guide and Reference Manual (Version 1.0, December 1999)

A C Interface to IRAF's VOS Library (Revised December 1999)

CVOS Software

The CVOS is distributed as part of the STSDAS software package. The current version of the CVOS is Version 3.3 (November 1999). Since the CVOS has undergone a substantial number of significant changes from previous versions, it is suggested that one retrieve the current version for future development. CVOS (Version 3.3) runs under STSDAS (Version 2.1.1) and IRAF (Version 2.11.3). Please also check the CVOS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information.

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